Waltzing through the ghetto carried by the wind

Her legs zigzag in leather skin

Hanging from a bed in the restless sky

Dangling on the edge

Of a perfume cloud

At night the fireworks outside

Harmonize into a symphony

In the cosmic hall

Each applause of the thunder and the rain

Sounds like hands beating on an Indian drum


I was homeless

And I had to spend the night

In the forest where I heard your music play

On and on and on

Two souls hypnotized

You’ll forget your name

When loving someone in the dark

That never comes no matter how hard that you call


Was there once a son, or was he all a dream?

Dancing naked in abandoned district roads

Through occupied streets

Where the children go to grow

While the red streams flow

Through their ivory cheeks

The rhythms of the trains

They’ll synthesize into a melody

While soft brown eyes gaze into the palette

Of the programmed light

Dripping from the slogans written on the stars


Let me in

And I’ll let you in

Through the corridors

Leading to a heart

Weighed on a balance

Against the feathers of truth

Which side will fall?

And what will remain unchanged?